Air Jordan 4

Air jordans series is the most successful basketball shoes series,this series of each pair of shoes are already in the history,become a classic.However,it is a great product also not start perfect,Air Jordan series is no exception.If the initial Air jordans series just do surface work,start from the Air Jordan 4,that this series finally have the real soul.

In the late 1980s,due to design and manufacture process short of requirements,Air cushion basketball shoes with complex structure of inevitable brings needless weight,and affect the athletes of the play,these shortcomings in the before three generations Air Jordan basketball shoes could be seen,although Jordan 3 have begun to use external Air cushion,but sneakers weight and comfort levels are done some sacrifice.This does not conform to jordans basketball style,and the same product is increasingly can't make consumers satisfaction,in this historical background,a new Jordan shoes products to the market.

Air jordans 4 are the fourth generation of basketball shoes of Nike Jordan series.It was born in 1988,the most outstanding design is that the mesh material on the sides panel.It was also famous as the reticular shoelace buckle.Such perfect basketball shoes attracted many basketball players. -

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