Jordan Dub Zero

In May,2004,when Michael Jordan paid a visited to Asia,wherever he attented the patry,there will play a documentary film,and at the end of each film,a line was used to draw out a pair of shoes that attracted great attention.People can easily see many other versions from this style,and many people think this would be the sample of the Air Jordan 20.While,this is not the sample of the Air Jordan 20 but a brief sample of this Air Jordan Retro Dub-Zero.

This is a totally new designed version,but,why there got a "retro" in its name,and to people's surprise,no one have any doubt to this because this is really a pair of Cheap Jordans Shoes that contains all wonderful essence of the previous version.The sole,the back heel,the patent leather material,the tongue and many other features all show it is a imitate version.

Is it good or bad to imitate?Not one can exactly tell them out.Someone think that,it is the combination of previous advantage that are well know for people that make this Air Jordan Dun-Zero so easy accepted by people;others think that it is this version that imitated the previous version without having its own feature that make it devalued. -

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